03 February 2020Three new links....

Please take a look over at the links page to find three new links to children's bereavement charities.

  • Penhaligon's Friends
  • Cruse Bereavement Care
  • Winston's Wish

More links to come over the following days for various support networks that you might not know are out there.

04 January 2020New for 2020 ...... our beautiful new gazebo

For some time now we have ummed and ahhed about having some kind of shelter.  We haven't been able to decide if we should have one or not and where to put it if we got one - as there isn't really a perfect place!  

However - we have taken the plunge and had a beautiful 5.5m square larch gazebo delivered before Christmas.

It has taken 5 days of really hard work especially from Tom who has worked every single one of those days.  We also owe some very big thanks to my Dad - Jimmy and my brother in law - Jamie.  It has been a huge effort to install this but I am beyond pleased with the results........


09 December 20192019 Newsletter is out...

I'm very pleased to present you with the news of Penlow over the last here

02 December 2019Newsletter Subscription

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