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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial


We hope that this list below will answer any questions that may come to mind.  We are bound to have missed something - so please do contact us for any extra information.

Can I visit the site whenever I like?

The site is open 365 days a year, from dawn until dusk.

How will I find the grave if/when I re-visit?

For a time after interment the grave will be found easily.  If you wish to locate a grave once it has blended with the natural environment, please contact us and we will be happy to help.  The next of kin will also receive a map following the burial, locating the top left corner of the grave from the four nearest marker pins. 

Alternatively if you are able to attend the burial at the time you could use the 'what3words' app to track the location of the grave.  We are in the process of accessing the what3words app to be able to include the coordinates on our map pins.  This is also a method that can be used to let you know where to find a loved one if you can give me 24 hours notice before visiting. 

Can I buy a plot in advance?

Yes, you can purchase in advance.  If you would like to do this then please contact us to arrange a visit.  A Right of Burial certificate will be issued for 25 years.  Contact must be made at this time to confirm that the plot is still required.  The certificate will then be re-issued, no further costs will be incurred.  Plots can also be bought when needed.

Can I pay by instalment?

Yes you can pay for plots by instalment.  There is an administration fee to set this method up for you.  You can  choose to pay over 3, 10 or 20 months.  The Right of Burial certificate will be issued upon the final payment.  Please click here for further details on instalment options.  We are unable to offer instalment options for time of need burials.

Who will look after the site?

Whilst the site is operational it will be cared for by Atlantic Rest Natural Burial staff.

What happens when the site is full?

Once the site is well established, arrangements will be made with The Wildlife Trust for the site to be transferred to them.  There will be a Woodland Management Fee taken from each burial and put a side in a ring-fenced fund that will also transfer to the Trust with the site to ensure the ongoing maintenance.  The site will always be available as a public space.

Can I plant any trees or wild flowers myself?

Atlantic Rest Natural Burial staff will be responsible for planting of trees.  Wildflowers can been planted by relatives but must be obtained from the company.  Wildflower seeds will be supplied free of charge.

Can I put a plaque on the tree?

No plaques will be permitted on the trees themselves, but we will consider a memorial board that could contain the name of the deceased if there is a demand.

We are now offering wooden memorial plaques that sit flush with the ground, please see the memorialisation page for further details.

Is the site consecrated?

No, the site is not consecrated.  If you wish to have individual graves blessed - you are welcome at the time of burial.

Who prepares the grave?

Grave preparation will be carried out by Atlantic Rest Natural Burial staff for health and safety purposes.  If you wish, family can assist with backfilling of the grave.

Do I need a Funeral Director?

You do not need a Funeral Director if you do not wish to use one.   If you intend to care for the body of the deceased yourself, please do ask us and we can guide you in the right direction.  However, most families welcome the support of an experienced professional.

You can do as much or as little as you would like - make your wishes clear with your family and work together.

Do I need a Minister or Celebrant?

You could conduct the burial ceremony yourself if you wish - perhaps family members would all like to say something at the graveside?  You can also of course use the services of a Minister or Celebrant.

What kind of coffin can be used?

Any kind of eco-friendly coffin or shroud can be used.  Please see the 'What do you allow? page.

What about embalming?

Embalmed bodies will not be accepted as a matter of course.  If there are very exceptional circumstances such as repatriation - then it will be acceptable.

Can I transfer my right of burial to someone else?

Burial rights are transferrable, you can gift your plot to someone else but an administraton fee will be charged of £200 unless it is a time of need burial.

What if I decide that I do not want my plot anymore?

We will only refund your original plot cost if you move more than 75 miles from the site, minus an adminstration cost of £200 per plot.  Please see our full cancellation policy document here.

Can I have a burial any time or day?

Burials are encouraged between the hours of 11am and 2pm and may take place Monday to Saturday.

What happens after the burial?

Once interment has occured Atlantic Rest Natural Burial Staff will backfill the grave, if the family wishes to help, please let us know in advance.  There will be opportunity for wildflower seeds to be scattered on the soil if the family wish.   A letter will be sent to the family following interment with details of the burial plot location.  This will also be accompanied by the ANBG feedback form.  If a tree has been chosen, it will be planted in the next planting season following interment.

How do I find the site?

Please click on the map on the right hand column and it will give you a good idea.  The site address is: Penlow Field, Woolley, Morwenstow, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 9PP.  The postcode will get you to the centre of Woolley (Woolley Green), you MUST keep left here and follow the road until you arrive at the lane.  This is a concrete entrance.

Please note that this is not the correspondence address.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Yes you are welcome to bring your four legged friends to burials or to visit the site.  They must however remain on a lead at all times and any 'presents' that they leave must be removed by you and not left in the bin in our toilet. 

Do you have any accreditation?

We are members of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds (ANBG), we abide by their code of conduct and are inspected by them.  Feedback forms from families go back to the ANBG direct to monitor sites. 

We are also members of the Institute of Cemeteries & Crematorium Management (ICCM) and hold a membership to the Good Funeral Guild.

How do I leave feedback?

Please email or telephone us with any general feedback.  After an interment takes place, an ANBG feedback form will be posted to the next of kin along with a map marking the grave plot.  This feedback goes directly to the Association of Natural Burial Grounds office and is used to measure the performance of association members.

How do I make a complaint?

In the first instance please contact us directly if you wish to make a complaint.  Alternatively you can also contact the Association of Natural Burial Grounds on 01962 712 690





Please note: if attending the site you are advised to wear flat shoes - high heels will make travelling the site difficult for the wearer of said shoes! 





If you are visiting our website because you are due to attend a burial with us - please read the following.


Thank you for reading, we understand that this may be a difficult time for you but please read to the end as it will benefit your overall experience on the day.


There will be two temporary signs out in Woolley, the first is a floor sign that indicates you need to turn left, this is a black and orange sign.  You will then reach our banner that will be at the end of the lane.


Parking is limited at Atlantic Rest. If you know that there is likely to be a high number of people attending the burial - please arrange to car share. This doesn’t need to mean from your start point; but can be done from very near your destination.  There is a very large lay-by just after you turn off of the main A39 into Woolley.  Please park there if necessary, and ride down to the site with others.


Please do not in any circumstances drive into Woolley and leave your vehicle on the green (where the first sign is) or on any verges nearby - we have a good relationship with the locals, that we need to maintain.


When you get to the end of the lane, please stop and wind your window down to receive instructions of how and where to park your vehicle.  We manage the parking as best we can but it does require your cooperation.  We ask people to reverse park where possible, so that you can all easily filter out when it is time to leave.


We do have overflow car parking but it is limited.


When parked and congregating with others, please be mindful of other vehicles manoeuvring.


There is a gravel path through the main part of Penlow but you will likely need to walk on the grass too. Please note that high heels will sink.


If you require assistance with mobility - we do have a scooter that we can use for you.  You will only need to sit on it and we will operate the scooter.  Please call in advance if this is required - 07775 726 907.


Thank you for bearing with, and reading this till the end.


To close this message and continue to our website in full - please use the white cross at the top right of this message.  Thank you.