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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial

Cemetery of the Year Awards - F I N A L I S T

Added on 02 September 2019

Some exciting news to share.....back in July we were asked as a natural burial provider if we’d like to take part in the Cemetery of the Year Awards in the new ‘Natural Burial’ category. ??

I pondered this for a couple of weeks and asked a few questions and so on - I then decided it’s a free competition so we have nothing to loose, I just needed to answer some questions online about our procedures and how we run our site and so forth. 

After the competition closes everyone entered gets a spreadsheet of their answers and we found that we actually scored very high. About a week later I had a phone call from one of the adjudicators to say that our score was in the top three in the country in our category!!! 

So this meant that my answers were adjudicated on Thursday afternoon just gone and we were told that we need to attend the award ceremony later this month! 

So Tom and I will be attending the ICCM - Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management exhibition where the ceremony will take place on 24th September. 

We look forward to letting you all know how we get on and thank everyone for their continued support ????

If you are visiting our website because you are due to attend a burial with us - please read the following.


Thank you for reading, we understand that this may be a difficult time for you but please read to the end as it will benefit your overall experience on the day.


There will be two temporary signs out in Woolley, the first is a floor sign that indicates you need to turn left, this is a black and orange sign.  You will then reach our banner that will be at the end of the lane.


Parking is limited at Atlantic Rest. If you know that there is likely to be a high number of people attending the burial - please arrange to car share. This doesn’t need to mean from your start point; but can be done from very near your destination.  There is a very large lay-by just after you turn off of the main A39 into Woolley.  Please park there if necessary, and ride down to the site with others.


Please do not in any circumstances drive into Woolley and leave your vehicle on the green (where the first sign is) or on any verges nearby - we have a good relationship with the locals, that we need to maintain.


When you get to the end of the lane, please stop and wind your window down to receive instructions of how and where to park your vehicle.  We manage the parking as best we can but it does require your cooperation.  We ask people to reverse park where possible, so that you can all easily filter out when it is time to leave.


We do have overflow car parking but it is limited.


When parked and congregating with others, please be mindful of other vehicles manoeuvring.


There is a gravel path through the main part of Penlow but you will likely need to walk on the grass too. Please note that high heels will sink.


If you require assistance with mobility - we do have a scooter that we can use for you.  You will only need to sit on it and we will operate the scooter.  Please call in advance if this is required - 07775 726 907.


Thank you for bearing with, and reading this till the end.


To close this message and continue to our website in full - please use the white cross at the top right of this message.  Thank you.