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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial

Family Testimonial

Added at 18:57 on 09 July 2021
It was very touching to receive this yesterday from Elizabeth's Son - thank you. 

A few weeks before she died, when that inevitable outcome appeared to be approaching sooner than later, my mothers eyes lit up when I mentioned the possibility of a woodland burial near a favourite haunt of hers, the North Coast of Cornwall.


When the time came and I placed a call to Atlantic Rest, I immediately sensed that we would be very well looked after from start to finish, with the potentially challenging task of laying our dear mother to rest.


My initial feelings were proved correct a thousandfold!  Sheridon proved to be both compassionate and competent in how she guided us through the process, in a way both unhurried, yet mindful of the need to get the matter resolved in a timely manner.


A visit to the site where we met Sheridon for the first time, met all our aspirations for both the arrangements leading to the burial and the place for our mother’s final resting place; a well maintained, elevated site, surrounded by wild flowers, woodland and with distant views of her much loved Atlantic Coast, perfect!


When the day came for the burial, once again we felt so well looked after, every aspect covered, including enough spades for us siblings to join in with the final burial process!


And looking ahead, we know that what is left of our dear mother will be lovingly cared for, with wild flowers and a locally sourced tree to be provided at the spot.


A place where we, friends and relatives, can visit, to share fond memories, while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.  Thank you, Sheridon and your team.