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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial

Penlow Poetry

Added on 09 June 2020


By Stacey 


"Is it always this quiet?" asked the ladybird to the bees,
“Mostly," they said, "except when the wind tickles the trees,
You can hear the gentle rustle of the creatures in the grass,
The flutter of the butterflies as they slowly pass.”

"Is it always this tranquil?" the hedgehog asked the shrew,
"Oh yes," he replied, "what you’ve heard is true,
It’s so welcoming here with a hotel for bugs,
Anyone can check in, from bumblebees to slugs.

"What a lovely view we have!" the rabbit told the deer,
"It’s perfect," he replied. “Wait - what’s that I hear?”
"The sound of the sea as you hear it roar,
This place is really magical, you couldn’t want for more."

I’m really glad we came here, it’s just like paradise,
In every passing season this place is really nice.
Another day is closing and soon it will be night,
Now we can enjoy Penlow in the bright moonlight.