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Atlantic Rest Natural Burial

We are now an award winning burial ground!

Added on 20 April 2016

On the weekend of 16th April Tom and I went away to Berkshire to a burial ground owners meeting.  These happen twice a year in various locations throughout the country and are hosted by a natural burial site.  This time it was hosted at the very beautiful Sheepdrove Organic Farm.  

Every 12 months 'The People's Awards' are decided for 5 different regions and then there is the over all winner for the UK.  So with us almost entering our third year in operation we were very thrilled and proud to have been awarded regional runner-up for the South West.  

These awards are based on the feedback forms that families who use us return to the Natural Death Centre charity.  The forms are sorted and scrutinised by the judges and the award certificates are awarded at the Spring meeting.

It means so much to us both that the families who have loved ones buried with us have given such great feedback and enabled us to win this accolade.